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Vilhelm Tveteraas (18 April 1898 - 4 January 1972) as born in Stavanger. He was a Norwegian printmaker, painter, and illustrator along with being a dentist! He is particularly noted for his woodcuts.  Some of his work is in the National Gallery of Norway, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the National Library in Paris, France and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  We have two color woodcut framed pieces, Fire (Tire) par l'artiste done in 1962 and Gaard og hest 26 of 45 done in 1967. Farm and horse is a great complementary piece to Dawn exhibited at MOMA.

Nikolai Astrup (30 August 1880 - 21 January 1928) We have seven black and white lithographs in a collection reproduced from woodcuts by Nikolai Astrup, who died at age 47 in 1928.  Much of his work was done around the area of Jolster.  Most of his art is held by private collectors and some of his paintings have sold for $500,000 at auction! The lithographs were authorized by Dagfinn Astrup, his son, in 1955 to be made from woodblocks. Only 24 woodcuts were translated into lithographs.  They were printed by Eugen Pettersen who was head of the lithographic workshop at the National Academy of Arts and Crafts.  His wok has been described as Tolkienesque and is well known in Norway, but no the rest of the world so it is a rare opportunity to even see his work here.  In 2016, his first exhibition outside of Norway was in London with works shown mostly from private collections.  The KODE museum in Bergen is currently showing Astrup's, Out of the Shadows.

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